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Get an Accurate Diagnosis with MicroGenDX®

If you’re feeling sick, you want to know what is wrong and get it taken care of as soon as possible. That’s why our providers at Open Water Medical use MicroGenDX® to give our patients an accurate diagnosis.

With this advanced diagnostic system, we quickly find out what’s making you sick and start treating it right away.

What is MicroGenDX?

MicroGenDX is an advanced diagnostic testing system that can perform a variety of diagnostic tests, including:

The MicroGenDX system uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to accurately diagnose health problems by thoroughly analyzing your unique DNA samples. It evaluates microorganisms found in your system and provides a range of medications and treatment options that can help.

How it works

MicroGenDX extracts DNA from the sample you provide and matches it to the sequence codes of over 50,000 bacterial and fungal microbes. The system can identify any bacteria that’s in your sample and what infection that bacteria causes.

MicroGenDX even provides us with a list of antibiotics that can effectively treat your infection. This gives us everything we need to create your proper treatment plan.

During your initial appointment, your Open Water Medical provider reviews your symptoms and discusses any health concerns and symptoms you’re experiencing.

From there, we take a blood sample, saliva sample, or urine sample, depending on your health issues. These samples are used for diagnostic testing. It’s a quick and easy process that yields great results and better recovery.

Faster and more accurate than traditional diagnostics

Traditional diagnostic testing grows less than 1% of known microbes in a culture. This can often make it difficult to accurately identify the cause of an infection or other health problem. But the MicroGenDX system can identify the disease-causing microbe with precision.

One study used standard culture testing and MicroGenDX to test 44 patients for a UTI. The results were astonishing, showing that only 13 of 44 patients tested positive for a UTI with traditional testing, whereas MicroGenDX diagnosed all 44 patients.

And in most cases, MicroGenDx can get your results back within 24 hours. With that kind of speed and accuracy, Open Water Medical can start your treatment much sooner, which also means you’ll recover faster because we can prescribe you the right medication.

To learn more about MicroGenDX diagnostic testing, get in touch with Open Water Medical by phone or book an appointment online at one of our four North Carolina locations.

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