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6 Ways Physical Therapy is Helpful

Physical therapy offers a range of benefits for a variety of health problems. While it’s well-known for helping people who had surgery or suffered a sports injury, physical therapy can improve your health in many ways. 

Our skilled physical therapists and medical providers at Open Water Medical use physical therapy to treat many health conditions, but more importantly, we help our patients regain their independence and improve their quality of life.

You may be wondering what physical therapy can do for your health, so to help you get started, let’s go over six ways physical therapy is helpful.

1. Reduce the need for pain medication

Many patients want to improve their pain without taking medication. This is because medications like opioids often cause unwanted side effects such as constipation, dizziness, and problems focusing. They can even increase your risks for pharmaceutical addictions. Physical therapy can improve your pain, which ultimately limits the need for medications.

2. Physical therapy helps builds strength and flexibility

Getting your strength and flexibility back not only helps with recovery but also lowers the risk of future muscle strains. If you have a joint injury, stretching exercises help promote blood flow and increase your range of motion.

Weak, stiff muscles can add unwanted stress to an injury, so our team focuses on building up your strength to help speed your recovery and reduce your pain.

3. Pain management

Physical therapy helps with pain management in several ways, as it involves different types of therapies and procedures depending on your needs.

Hot and cold therapy involves cooling and warming your pain areas to reduce inflammation, tightness, and spasms.

Inflammation is one of the key causes of muscle and joint pain, and ice packs can greatly reduce it. Applying heat to injured muscles warms them and increases blood flow, which improves movement, muscle spasms, and pain.

Massage therapy is another great option for pain relief, as it helps stiff, tight muscles relax while easing spasms.

4. Recovery from strokes

Physical therapy is an essential part of stroke recovery because it helps patients improve mobility and their mindset. Most people who have suffered a stroke usually experience mobility issues. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental health struggles.

Because a stroke can affect different parts of your body, your physical therapy can vary. The most common physical therapy activities for stroke recovery include:

These physical therapies can help stroke victims regain strength, coordination, and overall muscle and limb function. Physical therapy can help people learn how to use assistive devices.

5. Physical therapy reduces the need for surgery

The idea of surgery is frightening, but going through a course of physical therapy may help avoid it.

Although surgery is sometimes unavoidable, regaining some strength before an operation may reduce post-operative pain and recovery time.

6. Helps with impaired mobility from neurological disorders

Physical therapy isn’t just for sports injuries. Neurological disorders, like multiple sclerosis, affect your ability to move and stay balanced due to weakened muscles. Performing exercises that focus on building strength and balance can improve coordination and mobility.

Get back on track with physical therapy

Whether you sprained your ankle or want to try avoiding surgery, physical therapy may be an option worth considering.

To find out if physical therapy can help with your medical issue, get in touch with Open Water Medical by phone or request your appointment online at one of our four convenient North Carolina locations.

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